N4 Connect

Privacy Policy

As an “N4 Connect” user, your privacy and the confidentiality of the information you provide to Feonix – Mobility Rising (“Feonix”) and the Agencies is important to us. In the normal course of business, we collect, use and share personal information to provide services to our users. We collect information from our users, including your information, in the user profile and we collect data when you use the N4 Connect App.

By using the N4 Connect App, you consent to the collection and sharing of the information you provide in your user profile and with your trip booking between us and our transportation coordinators and providers.

Some of the information you provide may include personal health care information the disclosure of which may be subject to protection under federal and state law. By using the N4 Connect App you consent to the sharing of this information with and between us and the Agencies for the purpose of providing transportation and for statistical purposes. Feonix and the Agencies are committed to use their best efforts to keep any personal information, including personal health information, confidential.